Marketing Collateral Overview

Envoy Marketing and Communication Collateral and Resources


Envoy is in the process of rebranding, and many things still need to be updated (items with an “*”).
In addition, this site is still in the process of development and therefore is growing library of our resources.




Fonts & Colors
Leadership & Staff Photos
Website Design Settings
Approved Copy
Grammar, Punctuations, and Terms

Brochures & Flyers

When Does Your Calling End – Print Version
Rate Your Plan – Print Version
3 Models
2017 Plan Enhancements*
Money Personalities*
Conference Handouts/Flyers*
Partner Flyer
A.M.E. Zion Flyer
ETF Brochure
ECO Plan Booklet
FFM Flyer


OnTrac – Retirement Video Series
Vimeo Channel
Youtube Channel
Know Yourself* – Money Personalities
iJoin Introductions – Enrollment
Investment Approach
Target-Dated Models
Risk-Based Models
BMA Introduction to Plan


PowerPoint Template 1
PowerPoint Template 2
PowerPoint Template 3
The Client Experience
The Value of Open Architecture
Faithful for a Lifetime
When does your calling end
Walk Throughs
The Future Funding of Ministry
AMEZ Proposal Presentation
BMA Conference
ECO Conference
Entering into Retirement Workshop
Blueprint Presentation

White Papers & Guides

403(b) Legal & Compliance Parameters*
Faith Based vs. Secular Retirement Plans*
Future Funded Ministry*
Investment Strategies for 403(b) Retirement Plans*
The New Normal*
Why Retirement Education is Failing*
Personal Retirement Guide *
Oversight Guide for Church Plans *
Oversight Guide for ERISA Plans *
Plan Representative’s Guide *
Oversight Committee Guide for Church Plans *
Oversight Committee Guide for ERISA Plans *
Plan Administrator’s Guide for Church Plans *
Plan Administrator’s Guide for ERISA Plans *
Automatic Kit *
Automatic Kit for Churches *
Activate Guide
BMA Plan Guide
BMA Plan Representatives Guide
A.M.E. Zion Plan Representatives Guide
A.M.E. Zion Plan Guide
ECO Plan Guide
ECO Participant Guide


Websites – main Prospect website – for designing a retirement plan online – for participant enrollment and journey – Envoy’s vision for retirement – for Bruce PR – Live with Meaning Foundation

Micro-sites & Landing Pages

Rate Your Plan – Online app
The Future Funding of Ministry
Online Help Center
Systematic Investment Selection Process
Envoy’s Blog
Trusted Advisor* – daily email/web financial update
ECO Retirement
2017 Plan Enhancements
Stewardship Blueprint
BMA Retirement
Conference Digital Kit

Informational Pages

What is Risked-Based Plus
About /Staff / Careers
Money Personalities
Seize the Day
Prayer Request Form
Housing Allowance & F.A.Q.s
Statement of Faith
Disclosures | Privacy Policy
Contribution Limits
Customer Disclosure Statement
What are ETFs?
Top Ten Tax-Related Questions


Monthly Update design sample
Enrollment Campaign – e1 | e2 | e3 | e4


Investment Selection Process
3 Models – i1 | i2 | i3 | i4
Target Date Infographic *
Risk-Based Models Infographic *


BMA Banners – b1 | b2
BMA Promo Slides – s1 | s2 | s3 | s4
ECO Promo Slides – s1 | s2 | s3 | s4
Conference Flyer Digital Kit
ECO Workshop Flyer
ECO Journal Insert
ECO Free E-book Signup


Live with Meaning* by Bruce Bruinsma
Moving Forward by Bruce Bruinsma
The Future Funding of Ministry by Bruce Bruinsma
12 Things Plan Sponsors Need to Know by Envoy
Housing Allowance by Envoy


Notification of Housing Allowance (Word document) This document validates the housing allowance.

Housing Allowance Worksheet – Parsonage (Word document)

Housing Allowance Worksheet – Home (Word document)