Our open architecture platform allows
access to over 25,000 investment products

from some of the largest and most well known fund families.

Everyone can
invest well.

Envoy Advisory, Inc.'s menu creation/selection process brings both comfort and knowledge. Envoy offers multiple investment types including Mutual Funds, ETFs, Risk-Based, and Faith-Based options (those that avoid supporting abortion, pornography, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and war products).

Cost can be a misinformed obstacle for many churches and ministries. Therefore, Envoy offers cost-effective plans for both individuals and organizations so no one in ministry is unprepared for their future.

Affordable plans for all sizes.



Simple administration
that saves time and
reduces stress.

TPA and Recordkeeping

Envoy takes care of your retirement plan maintenance needs including all the requirements of a third-party administrator. Plus, our streamlined record keeping solution is both simple and worry free.

Priority Customer Service

For both the administrator and plan participant, Envoy is available for one-on-one professional, yet friendly, support to answer questions or resolve your need on the first call.

Easy Enrollment.  Empowering Education.

You don't have to worry about answering individual questions all day long.

Envoy's online and interactive enrollment, education, and evaluation tools provide your staff with everything they need to know. Our customized, digital learning experience delivers investment knowledge and confidence that encourages enrollment, leads to wise actions, and motivates them toward funding their future.


Experienced Retirement
and Ministry Specialists.

For almost three decades, Envoy has specialized in the unique retirement needs of churches, missionaries, and other faith-based organizations. With a passion to empower people for a "lifetime of ministry," Envoy has started a "Retirement Reformation" that encourages Christians to seek God's calling during their fourth quarter.


Redefining Retirement.

We believe that our calling to love and serve doesn't end at age 65. Everyone has unique passions, abilities, and experiences that God wants to use in ALL seasons of life. Therefore, we encourage Christians to prepare for a new vision of the future where they continue to have value and influence in the lives of others.

We call this a "Future Funded Ministry".


Design a new plan for your ministry with our
Retirement Plan Builder.

We've made designing your new plan easy and effective.

Blueprint takes you through every stage in building a retirement plan with helpful videos and access to an Envoy specialist along the way. With this exclusive plan builder, you will be able to design a plan and confidently present it to leadership.