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Websites – main Prospect website – for designing a retirement plan online – for participant enrollment and journey – Envoy’s vision for retirement – for Bruce PR
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Informational Pages

What is Risked-Based Plus
Housing Allowance
Statement of Faith
Privacy Policy
Contribution Limits
Customer Disclosure Statement
What are ETFs?


2016-2019 Archive


Notification of Housing Allowance (Word document) This document validates the housing allowance.
Housing Allowance Worksheet – Parsonage (Word document)
Housing Allowance Worksheet – Home (Word document)


Expense Disclosure Report
Participant Expense Disclosure
Request for Proposal 

White Papers & Guides

403(b) Legal & Compliance Parameters
Faith Based vs. Secular Retirement Plans
Future Funded Ministry
Investment Strategies for 403(b) Retirement Plans
The New Normal
Why Retirement Education is Failing
Personal Retirement Guide
Plan Administrator’s Guide for ERISA Plans
Automatic Kit
Automatic Kit for Churches
Activate Guide
BMA Plan Guide
BMA Plan Representatives Guide
A.M.E. Zion Plan Representatives Guide
A.M.E. Zion Plan Guide
ECO Plan Guide
ECO Participant Guide
Plan Administrator Guide
Plan Administrator Guide (ERISA)
Oversight Committee Guide
Oversight Committee Guide (ERISA)


The Client Experience
When does your calling end
AMEZ Proposal Presentation
BMA Conference
ECO Conference
Entering into Retirement Workshop
TPA Implementation
ECO Rollout
Fee Discussion
Fees & iJoin Rollout
The Future Funding of Ministry
The Value of Open Architecture
Participant Summit


Vimeo Channel
Youtube Channel
Know Yourself – Money Personalities
BMA Introduction to Plan
HBI Webinar