What Is A Faith-Based Retirement Plan?

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What is a Faith-Based Retirement Plan?

A faith-based retirement plan supports those who want to wisely steward the money God has given them and invest it wisely so that it can be used in future ministry retirement years. A faith-based retirement plan provides investment knowledge and stewardship tools and encourages active engagement with present and future stewardship issues. The purpose is to develop in your Participants a Future Funded Ministry mentality—ensuring a lifetime of service.

What are Faith-Based Funds?

The Investment Policy Statement and the investments themselves can promote and reflect a Christian Stewardship perspective. There are a growing number of successful mutual funds that screen for faith-based issues. The holdings within the Faith-Based Investments (also known as Biblically Responsible Investments) strictly avoid businesses involved in areas such as abortion and pornography and generally screen out businesses that support addictive behaviors such as gambling, alcohol, and tobacco.

What is Faith-Based Retirement Education?

What we teach and how we lead impacts all those associated with the retirement plan. When we provide only a secular perspective, we end up with secular values. When we present a faith-based perspective, we end up with faith-based values. With money being mentioned in more Bible verses than any other subject, it seems clear that God places importance on money.

A Christian-based retirement plan takes the best elements of a secular plan and enhances it with Christian values and perspective. You start with a bigger purpose, you add investments that reflect your values, and you educate with God’s perspective. Your vendors support these positions based on their development and delivery of faith-based retirement planning tools, information, and support.

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Along with faith-based retirement plans, Envoy also offers faith-based IRAs.

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