Top 3 Reasons To Offer Faith-Based Funds

Do you offer faith-based funds in your retirement plan? If not, why not?

Two hundred years ago the Quakers and the Methodists were the first to put socially responsible investing into practice.

So what are faith-based funds?

They are a family of mutual funds that invests in companies that meet certain moral and ethical standards. They avoid companies that manufacture or distribute alcohol, anti-family entertainment, tobacco, gambling, and/or other potentially offensive practices.

Today, morally responsible or faith-based funds are the fastest growing subset of the socially responsible investing category. Only a short time ago, many plan providers didn't recommend them because of their poor market performance and high fees. Now the fund performance and fees have improved significantly.

Here are reasons to offer faith-based funds in your plan:

  1. They distinguish your faith-based plan from a secular one.

  2. They encourage your employees' participation and their engagement.

  3. They allow your employees to express their personal values in their investment decisions.

Think about adding faith-based funds to your investment plan menu to promote the Kingdom's values.

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