How Do You Match Your Values With Your Investing?

What is Faith-Based Investing?

As Christians, it’s important to take a stand on our beliefs. Many of us will not support certain organizations, politicians, or groups of people based on what they stand for. We may even back away from a friendship because we don’t agree with the actions of our friend.

But what about your money? Have you ever thought about what your investments are supporting? Today, many people are starting to pay more attention to the investments they support and are looking for ethical, responsible, and impactful investing. They want their investment strategy to align with their personal beliefs. This could be everything from environmental sustainability to family values or religious beliefs. This is called Biblically Responsible Investing or Faith-Based Investing. The secular term for it is Socially Responsible Investing.

Where do you begin when you’re looking to support investments that align with your beliefs?

Take a minute and answer these important questions:

  • What are you for?

  • What matters to you?

  • What are you against?

  • What do you want to promote?

Now you can decide what companies you want to stand behind. Do your research. Don’t invest in something if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Today, more and more people are equally as concerned about standing behind a company that supports their beliefs as they are growing their nest egg.

At Envoy, our mission is to provide business excellence with a Kingdom Purpose. To learn more about our faith-based plans, contact us today!