Envoy provides everything you need in one powerful solution.

For almost three decades, Envoy has solely focused on the unique retirement needs of those in ministry.


Over 25,000
Investment Options

Envoy’s Open Architecture Platform offers access to a “total universe” of investment products from some of the largest and well known fund families.


Envoy takes care of all your church retirement plan needs including record keeping and all the requirements of a third-party administrator.

Education + Support

Envoy provides one-on-one professional, friendly support and 24/7 access to an online Help Center for both plan administrators and staff.

Retirement Plan Proposal

All Envoy retirement plans are designed for those ministries so Everyone Can Invest Well.
Review the retirement plan YOU designed.

UGM Dallas Presentation

Review Envoy’s presentation on how our retirement plans work and the keys to a successful plan including investment advisory, recordkeeping, TPA, education, and more.

The Philosophy of Retirement Plan Design

The three steps of Retirement Plan participant engagement are being connected, involved, and fully engaged.

Faith-Based Investing Options

Envoy can empower you, your ministry, and your participants to align your investing with your values.


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