How would you define success for your ministry’s retirement plan?

At Envoy, we define success by the OUTCOMES of every part of your ministry’s retirement plan from participation to compliance. 



How can we get more engagement?

Understanding that God’s call on our lives extends for a lifetime, Envoy education, resources, and communication encourages and empowers your staff to prepare for a “Future Funded Ministry“.


Are we going to have good investments?

Envoy’s open architecture and menu creation/selection process allows everyone the opportunity to invest well. This includes multiple investment types such as Mutual Funds, ETFs, Risk-Based, and Faith-Based options (those that avoid supporting abortion, pornography, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and war products).


Are we going
to be legal?

Envoy’s new Plan Document ensures that your ministry has complied with all the applicable DOL and IRS Code. Envoy was among the first group of Plan Document Sponsors to receive a Favorable Opinion Letter from the IRS. When audited, the Plan Document has already been approved by the IRS.


Will we be ready for retirement?

Envoy’s easy enrollment, on-demand education, and interactive evaluation tools provide your staff with everything they need to know. Our customized, digital learning experience delivers investment knowledge and confidence that encourages enrollment, leads to wise actions, and motivates them toward funding their future.


How will we oversee our plan?

Envoy can help establish and support a Retirement Plan Oversight Committee (RPOC) for your ministry to raise the level of plan guidance and oversight. Plus, Envoy simplifies plan administration with easy to use systems, an online help center, and access to our service team specialists.


Who will answer my questions?

No one wants to wait on answers or feel unequipped. Therefore, Envoy offers an online help center with 24/7 access and a professional team of dedicated Christians to assist you via phone, email, and online chat.