Why CalSavers May Not Be a Good Option for Your Ministry Retirement Plan


What is CalSavers?

In 2019, CalSavers was implemented as a mandatory retirement program for all California employers. This program is required for any employer who does not offer an employer-sponsored retirement plan and has five or more employees. While some exceptions are surfacing, it is clear that a Faith-Driven plan under your control and reflecting your values is a better alternative, the best option.

So should you sign up forCalSavers or should you find another retirement plan provider?

Your Ministry Has Unique Retirement Plan Needs

As a current or prospective retirement plan sponsor, you may feel pressure to find the right retirement plan for your employees. However, most secular retirement plan vendors do not understand the unique needs and opportunities available to ministries. Additional priorities include a low-cost plan, Faith-Driven investments, reduced or minimal administrative responsibilities and great advisory support for you and your staff.

That’s where Envoy Financial can help.

For almost three decades, Envoy has solely focused on the distinct retirement needs of those in ministry. We are uniquely qualified to help establish a retirement plan that will fit your ministry’s needs.

Why is Envoy a Good Fit for Your Ministry?

  • Receive personal support and advice. Envoy staff understands the unique opportunities and challenges that ministries face since we’ve been there. Most of the Envoy staff has a ministry background, having actively served in church and mission ministries.  We understand you!


  • Envoy has designed a retirement plan that fits the needs of your ministry. This includes multiple investment options such as Mutual Funds, ETvFs, and Biblically Responsible Investment options (those that avoid supporting abortion, pornography, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and war products).

  • Learn about the significant benefits and advantages 403(b) plans provide for ministries.

  • Talk to a licensed expert who can help you understand one of the greatest tax benefits for ministers,The Minister’s Housing Allowance. If you qualify for this allowance, we will help you take advantage of it.

To learn more about Envoy, read about our retirement plan outcomes or contact one of our service members.

Are you a Ministry Leader?

We have some great ways to promote Biblical Financial Stewardship to your staff.

To explore this, connect with us.