Useful tools that can increase your plan’s participation


Last year, there were more than 75 million downloads of Bible apps on the web.

As a result, individuals spent more than 23.6 billion minutes reading the Bible. What a great tool to encourage Bible reading!

Just like there are tools to encourage increased Bible reading, there are also tools to that will encourage you to increase your savings.

Here are 4 great retirement plan educational tools that you can use as resources to encourage your staff.

1. Bring a faith-based perspective to your retirement plan.
A lot of Christians look at retirement as an end. We look at it as a beginning. A time that can be rich in ministry. But wait, it has to be funded. What about calling retirement a “future funded ministry?” 

2. Encourage your staff to access a retirement plan app.
Apps are an easy and quick way to determine how much your employees should be saving in order to retire.

3. Consider access to a virtual advisor for enrollment and fund choice selection.
A virtual advisor can help your employees quickly and easily navigate through the enrollment process, from a risk profile to the investment fund selection.

4. Create an e-learning center on your intranet.
Webinars and e-presentations on your intranet will re-energize your plan and improve communication for your employees.

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