January 24, 2022

11 AM – 2 PM EST / 10 AM CST
9 AM MST / 8 AM – 11 AM PST

Session 1

Rediscover Envoy

God has been doing some amazing things at Envoy over the past two years. Hear about Envoy’s new services, benefits, staff, partnerships, and opportunities for you.

Session 2

Aligning Faith, Finances, and Your Fiduciary Responsibility

Envoy is proud to be one of the pioneers in the movement for Biblically Responsible Investing and a champion for Biblical Financial Stewardship. Learn about your Fiduciary Responsibility and how you can provide your church/ministry with new faith-based education and investing options.

Session 3

The Changing Marketplace

Are you aware of recent legislation and trends in the retirement plan space and how they affect you? Then, join us as we look at changes in compliance, price compression, and investments.

Session 4

Changing Investment Strategies

Working together with Harvest Investment Services, Envoy Financial can offer you Biblically Responsible Investments that are tactically managed with downside risk controls and advanced screening options. Discover why this is important for your church or ministry today and in the future.



January 25, 2022

11 AM – 2 PM EST / 10 AM CST
9 AM MST / 8 AM – 11 AM PST

Session 5

Biblical Financial Stewardship

Discover the critical information necessary for fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility. Learn about your personal financial stewardship profile and why it is important for you and your entire organization to know theirs.

Session 6

Creating Successful Outcomes

How do you maintain a successful retirement plan? Engage in an active discussion on the value of and strategies for plan administration, support, education, participation, compliance, and more.

Session 7

The Next Reformation

Sadly, countless Christians enter a state of spiritual dormancy during retirement, not realizing or knowing how they can continue to have an impact for God’s Kingdom. Envoy Financial has partnered with the Retirement Reformation to encourage and empower your staff and the 50 million other Christians approaching or in retirement to embrace the next calling God has for them.

Session 8

Your Action Plan

  • Schedule Your Planning Appointment

  • Acknowledging Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Adopt updated Investment and Education Policy Statements

  • Introduce Stewardship & Biblically Responsible Investing

  • Develop a plan for increased Participation and Participation rates

  • Connect Participants to Envoy Educational Resources

  • Schedule a Webinar

  • Stewardship profile of your staff