Retirement Plan Options for Ministry Employers in California


California Employers Are Now Required to Offer Retirement Plans

California employers are now required to offer retirement plans for their employees. This law was put in place to force everyone into a State-Run retirement plan. While some exceptions are surfacing, it is clear that a Faith-Driven plan under your control and reflecting your values is a better alternative, the best option.

This leaves California employers with two options:

  1. They can sign up for CalSavers, or

  2. They can sign up for a different retirement plan.

Serving the Unique Retirement Needs of Those in Ministry

Finding the right retirement plan for your ministry can be overwhelming. You want an easy to administer, low-cost plan with great performance, participation, and support. And, all this from a provider you can trust. So where do you start? How do you know which retirement plan is best for your ministry

  1. Is matching my values with my investments important?

  2. Can I improve my current plan?

  3. Can I put a Faith-Driven Retirement Plan in place?

CalSavers offers a very basic plan with limited options and no Faith-Driven Investments, and does not specialize in providing retirement plans and expertise for those in ministry. That’s where Envoy Financial is different.

For almost three decades, Envoy has solely focused on the unique retirement needs of those in ministry by providing affordable retirement plans so everyone can invest well. In addition, several of Envoy’s staff have served with churches and in the mission field.

If you are a ministry employer in California, we encourage you to find a retirement plan provider that understands your unique needs and can help you create a retirement plan that you will be proud of. To learn more about Envoy Financial or to speak to a member of our team, visit our website at

Are you a Ministry Leader?

We have some great ways to promote Biblical Financial Stewardship to your staff.

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