How a Trip to Starbucks Can Improve Your Future

For many of us, spending $3-$5 a few days a week on good coffee doesn’t seem like a big expense.

However, it does add up over time. Saving $25 a week over 30 years is close to $40,000.

Don’t leave yet! We’re NOT suggesting that you give up your Starbucks.

If you don’t have a problem spending $20-$30 a week on a beverage, why not do the same for your future? Match your coffee spending with a retirement contribution. Again, calculate $25 a week over 30 years but now invested in a retirement account yielding 6% annually.

The total would be over $100,000!

Like little spending, little bits of saving can really add up over time. This year, try matching a retirement contribution with another area of spending that doesn’t seem like much.  Could be coffee, movie rentals, or your cell phone bill. And, don’t forget the reason we save: to be financially free to do whatever or go wherever God calls us in our last quarter.

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