Plan Sponsor Activate

Your Activate Toolbox

Help your employees gain confidence and control over their 403(b)/401(k), now and throughout their lifetime. Whether you introduce your 403(b)/401(k) face to face, through staff meetings, intranet, or email, all of your scripts, templates, videos, and presentations are right at your fingertips.

Step 1: Download your toolbox. It is complete with scripts, templates, videos, and presentations that will help you encourage your staff.

Step 2: Impact the lives of your Pastors, staff, and ministry professionals by providing the support they need to help them achieve their Future Funded Ministry goals.


Month 1: Future Funded Ministry Highlight

Financial wellness begins with a change of mind about retirement. We are all called to a lifetime of ministry, even after the paycheck stops. Your employees will find a new reason to save for their later years by understanding and embracing the concept of Future Funded Ministry.    



Month 3: Activate Highlight

Get your employees engaged, excited, and inspired to save for their Future Funded Ministry! A financial wellness program should be interactive, personalized, and fun. The online Activate program from Envoy Financial will build confidence and motivate your employees to make wise investment decisions.    



Month 6: Impact U Highlight

We’ve found that most employees want more education and a better understanding of how to invest. Impact U will help them discover their money personalities and how they impact their decisions. They will also learn key investment terms and be guided through building their portfolio and designing their plan.



Month 9: Vision Board Highlight

Financial wellness should be as much inspirational as informational. The Vision Board will challenge your employees to start thinking about what their Future Funded Ministry years will look like. We cover the big 6 – travel, hobbies, families, location, ministry, and a bucket list.


Share the Activate Guide with your staff.

This Guide includes:

  • A new, Christ-centered, Bible-based definition of retirement
  • How to enroll quickly and efficiently into their 403(b)/401(k) retirement plans
  • How to become engaged and knowledgable about their retirement plans through Impact U
  • How to use the Vision Board to get excited about their futures
  • And much more!


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