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Plan Selection:
Finding the best Plan


Advantages of a 403(b) Plan for Your Ministry

Today 403(B) plans provide significant benefits and advantages for churches, parachurch, and mission sending organizations. 


Why It’s Important to Know Your Plan’s Expenses

There are 3 basic plan costs that you should know.


The Top 3 Reasons to Offer Faith-Based Funds

Today, morally responsible or faith-based funds are the fastest growing subset of the socially responsible investing category.

Plan Design:
Determine the specifics of your plan


3 Steps That Can Make Your Retirement Plan Better

Is your retirement plan too complex and taking a lot of your time? Discover three key pieces that your plan may be missing.


A Powerful Formula to Make Sure Your Plan Measures Up

Did you know that there are always signposts and milestones to help you determine if your retirement plan is headed in the right direction?


Why It’s Important to Offer a Diversified Investment Menu

It is important to offer a high-quality menu of investments and to be be able to help your participants understand their choices.

Plan Administration:
how to manage your plan


Do You Have a Retirement Plan Oversight Committee?

A Plan Sponsor must know what is happening in their retirement plan.


Important Tips on How to Protect Your Fiduciary Role

Have You Ever Wondered Exactly What A Fiduciary Is? What does it mean? Are you the Fiduciary?


How to Make Sure Your Retirement Plan is Compliant

As a Christian organization and an example to others, Retirement plan compliance is critical.