Our History

While working as a financial advisor, Bruce Bruinsma experienced a defining moment. He was meeting with a missionary couple to review their financial plan for retirement and was shocked and saddened when he realized that they were not prepared for retirement, despite being told otherwise. God used this experience to re-direct Bruce’s heart, and the Envoy Financial journey began. 



As he worked with pastors and Christian organizations, Bruce realized the importance of distinguishing a secular view of retirement from a Christian one. He began seeing retirement not as a reward for past service, but as a stepping-stone for future ministry. 



The desire to begin a faith-based retirement planning service started and the company, Christian Retirement Coalition was established. 



Christian Retirement Coalition changed its name to Envoy Financial to better reflect its mission. Envoy means “trusted messenger” and is taken from Proverbs 13:17. 



Envoy expanded its Christian financial planning services by providing Envoy Advisory, TPA, and Record-keeping. 



Envoy Financial joined forces with Harvest Investment Services, maximizing on their 60+ years of combined financial experience, and created an all-encompassing company that combines faith-driven retirement planning and investment services into one powerful financial services establishment—His Envoys Group



Envoy Financial is proud to offer church retirement plans and investment services. Check out our available resources now to learn more! If you’re interested in fostering good biblical stewardship for the future of your church, we also invite you to visit Ministry Storehouse to learn more about our church stewardship program.