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Bruce Bruinsma | Founder

Bruce Bruinsma, a central figure in the “Retirement Reformation” movement, has been successfully providing Christian retirement plans to those in ministry for over 25 years. As CEO and Founder of Envoy Financial, Bruce is passionate about helping others financially prepare for their later years, so they have the freedom to apply a life’s worth of talent and experiences to God’s Kingdom. 

In addition, Bruce is the co-creator of several businesses that financially support ministries and communities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley, and has more than 40 years of professional experience in retirement planning and finance. Bruce is also the author of several books (including Retirement Reformation), consults with Christian ministries worldwide, and is an energetic, sought-after presenter. 

 Currently, he lives in Colorado with his wife Judy. 

Tim Newell | Chairman of the Board

Tim Newell, Founder and Managing Director of Harvest Investment Services for over 36 years, designs and implements comprehensive financial plans for individuals and families and assists them with wealth management through active investment portfolio management. Driven by a mission to help others become better stewards of the financial resources they have been entrusted with, Tim uses his years of experience and industry knowledge to lead clients in an increasingly complex and challenging financial world. 

Tim is also the founder of the Harvest Fiduciary Advisors Group, a growing team of financial advisors in several states, who serve as fiduciary for both individuals and business owners, upholding the obligation to act solely in the best interest of their clients. 

Tim lives in the greater Chicago area with his wife, Jen, and 2 of his 7 kids. 


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