NEW FaithBased IRA

A completely redesigned IRA from Envoy Financial.

Envoy is proud to unveil a completely redesigned IRA. Powered by TD Ameritrade’s award-winning investment platform, this new IRA gives you access to improved investment analytics, planning tools, and account management including the option to add additional investment accounts to your financial dashboard.

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Commonly Asked Questions


Why do I need to move my account immediately?

The existing Envoy IRA will be closed on February 15, 2020. If you are an existing account holder, it is important that you rollover to the new IRA before February 15, 2020 to avoid having your account frozen. You would still be able to rollover your IRA after this date, but you will not be able to do anything else (e.g., take distributions, change investments) until you do the rollover.

Envoy needs to update its account holder records to keep pace with current recordkeeping regulations. The move to TD Ameritrade will allow for this better than our current provider. And by completing this, we are ensuring adherence to federal know-your-customer regulations. This benefits you and us.

What do I do on the “Verify My Identity” page? Do I log in with my current account login and password?

Click the SIGN UP HERE button to start the process. You need to create a new user profile to move your account over to the new IRA.

What is the difference between a Traditional and ROTH IRA?

Click here for a complete explanation of both.

What is new about this program?

Envoy is moving to TD Ameritrade Institutional. We will have a system that provides performance reporting, investment analytics, and easy interaction with your account.

Will I be able to keep my investments? / What investments are available?

There are select options from the old IRA menu. The new menu consists of ETFs and faith-based mutual funds. You also have access to a variety of investment models, including models that screen for companies whose corporate values are aligned with Christian values.

How long will this take?

Approximately 3-4 weeks. The transfer process results in a temporary lack of access to your account. If you would like to take a withdrawal of funds from your account right away, please do so prior to initiating the transfer.

What happens if I take one or more more recurring distributions from my IRA in January or February?

We will make sure you receive the funds you normally expect during those two months.

For any distributions you would normally take in January or February, Envoy has processed an early distribution of those funds into your account. You will therefore shortly be receiving, if you have not already received it, one larger-than-normal distribution to cover what you would normally receive during the first two months of the year.

Will my existing IRA be able to accept contributions from my bank account?

Because we are retiring the existing platform, your existing IRA will not be able to accept any contributions from your bank account until after you transfer your account to the new platform. As a result, if you had recurring contributions set up into your IRA, the January 10, 2020 contribution was the last withdrawal made from your bank account into the existing IRA. If you transfer your IRA and wish to continue the contribution process as before, simply note that in the appropriate place when you complete the online transfer form. You may also reinstate the bank account auto-withdrawal at any time in the future.

How does the Schwab purchase of TD Ameritrade impact this move?

Envoy relies on TD Ameritrade’s announcements, but they estimate the transition will take three years. Because these are two of the biggest custodians in the market, we expect the end result will be a good one.

What does “Per Stirpes” mean?

Each beneficiary will receive an equal share

IMPORTANT: When prompted to login, please create a new user profile.
Do not login with your existing account information.