Financial Advisors Who Shares Your Christian Values

You want to steward your money well, so you save, invest, and plan ahead. But did you know that millions of dollars invested by Christians every year simultaneously supports unbiblical business practices? That’s why we offer Biblically Responsible Investment options for organizations and individuals who want their investments and retirement funds to align with their Christian Values. Retirement and investing is complicated and time consuming, which is why you need a guide you can trust. We’ve been helping churches, ministries, and other faith-driven people make sense of it all for nearly three decades. Our mission is to equip believers to leverage their financial resources for the Kingdom of God. So, now you can invest and plan stress-free, knowing you have a guide who shares your vision and values for your money and future.

A wicked messenger falls into trouble, but a faithful envoy brings healing.

— Proverbs 13:17 ESV


What Financial Services Does Envoy Offer?

Envoy offers affordable plans (401k, 403b, IRAs, etc.), simple administration, easy enrollment, and empowering education. To make that happen smoothly, we offer advisory services, third party administration (), and recordkeeping ().

Additionally, whether you or your employees want to invest in our carefully screened and managed BRI funds, or a specific stock, you’re able to do what you would like, with Envoy’s open architecture.

Lastly, we are financial fiduciaries, meaning that we can only ever put the interests of our clients ahead of our own. Since our duty is to preserve your trust and good faith, we must legally and ethically do what’s best for you.

What is a Retirement Menu and Why Does it Matter? 

A menu–in this case–is the set of investment options from which you can choose. Given our Fiduciary role, it’s a list recommendations Envoy has prepared for you. We provide investment options on our menu that reflect our investment policy statement, resulting in three key directives:

1. An emphasis on investments that match our Christian values (this is reflected in our BRI models curated by Harvest)

2. The ongoing commitment to reduced costs (reflected by our inclusion of various ETFs and publicly traded stocks)

3. Improve menu performance (embodied by the actively managed and monitored models created by Harvest)

The Role Harvest Investments Plays

A couple years ago, Envoy–an organization that specializes in retirement plans for ministries and churches, came together with Harvest Investments–a private financial advising firm that specializes in creating and managing funds for wealth investment from a Christian perspective.

We believe that God will use both of our organizations to take our service to the Kingdom to the next level. Today, Harvest creates many of the proprietary Biblically Responsible Investment models that Envoy uses in its faith-based retirement plans.

Our Investment Models

Investment models may vary widely, depending on the goal. If the hope is to reach a certain level of funds by specific year (like a retirement plan), the strategy may be more conservative than if the hope was to aggressively grow an initial amount contributed. Additionally, some plans may emphasize being Biblically Responsible, whereas others may not.

We don’t believe that aligning values with investments should result in poorly performing funds, so our partners at Harvest actively manage our BRI models to strive for a return equal to or greater than the industry average.

Screening Funds and Stocks for BRI


My Organization Already Has a Plan With Envoy, Now What?

If your organization already has a partnership with Envoy, and you want to open an account, then it’s as simple as filling out a form and having a free financial counseling session with one of our certified advisors. Click the button below to start the process today!


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