Bruce Bruinsma and the entire Envoy staff are excited to announce that Envoy is joining with Harvest Investment Services (HIS).

We understand that you may have questions. Therefore, we created this webpage to thoroughly outline and explain Envoy’s ongoing commitment, continuity, and capacity.





Special Message
from Bruce Bruinsma and Tim Newell

Bruce Bruinsma, founder of Envoy Financial, and Tim Newell, founder of Harvest, discuss the exciting future of Envoy Financial and benefits of merging with Harvest.

Bruce Bruinsma: Video | Letter
Tim Newell: Video | Letter



Ongoing Commitment

Envoy shares a common vision with Harvest to empower Christians to use their finances to further God’s Kingdom. Our commitment to serving those in ministry will only grow with Harvest. We will continue to encourage people to prepare for a Future Funded Ministry and support the efforts of the growing Retirement Reformation among Christians.

Marketplace Capacity

This year, Envoy has introduced some amazing new benefits for you including a redesigned Education Suite, free eBooks, new enrollment and engagement tools, and online planning apps. In 2020, you can look forward to a brand new IRA option, new Faith-Based investments (BRI), webinars, virtual presentations for your entire staff, and a mobile app. Plus, with Harvest you will have greater retirement and financial planning services, increased access to advisors, and much more.



Organizational Continuity

The big question you are probably asking is, “What is going to change with my account.” The short answer is “nothing.” With Harvest and Envoy’s 2020 vision, you will have access to many new benefits and features. However, Envoy will not change with this acquisition. We will continue as your plan provider taking care of all your Education, Recordkeeping, Advisory, TPA, and Service needs. All of us at Envoy look forward to serving you in the years ahead.


If you have any further questions, feel free to talk directly with either Bruce Bruinsma or Tim Newell



Bruce Bruinsma
Founder & CEO, Envoy Financial

(719) 268-2711 ext 203


Tim Newell
Managing Director, Harvest Investment Services and HIS Envoy Group

(719) 268-2711 ext 236


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