Food Distribution

Farmers to Families Food Box Program

While farmers are destroying crops and livestock,
millions are unable to afford groceries.


The pandemic is hurting both producers and consumers, but part of the problem can be the solution. Discover how to bring food to those who need it most.



Farmers have unwanted food.

Since restaurants and other food buyers have significantly reduced ordering, farmers are now faced with destroying crops and livestock they can’t sell.




The need for food is growing.

The rise in unemployment is attributing to a rise in the number of those who can’t afford basic groceries. Many shelters, food banks, and other humanitarian organizations are experiencing challenges with funding and feeding due to the pandemic.

We can connect these producers with the consumers that are in need.


The Farmers to Families Food Box Program was established to support farmers and provide food for the hungry.

Financial support for our farmers and ranchers.

USDA purchase of food via food distribution companies for distribution and packaging.

Distribution of food through non-profit organizations and food pantries.

How does this project work?

Watch the video below.

What is a Food Bank?

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How Can You Help?

 Is your non-profit interested in being a potential food bank or receiving food on a small scale? 

Our goal is to connect food distribution companies who were awarded contracts to non profits.
If you are a food bank, please click one of the links below to contact us.



We will contact you if we find available food in your area.

Together, we can take food that would be wasted to those who desperately need it.

Click here for a handout from Envoy on the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) or go to