Retirement Plan Conversion Manager

Tiffany Innes

Tiffany Innes serves as the Retirement Plan Conversion Manager and Pro-Life Liaison at HIS Envoys Group. Her background as a youth pastor has given her a solid foundation in faith and community service, which she brings to her roles with dedication and insight.

As a wife and mother of four, Tiffany balances her family life with her professional responsibilities, embodying the values of commitment and care in all aspects of her life.

In her role at HIS Envoys Group, Tiffany utilizes her top strength of connectedness, as identified by the StrengthsFinder assessment, to ensure a comprehensive approach to client service. Her focus is on making the transition to new retirement plans smooth and understandable for our clients, emphasizing the importance of preparation for a purposeful life beyond work.

Tiffany's work extends beyond retirement planning; she is deeply involved in pro-life advocacy within the organization. Her commitment to life and family aligns with our mission to serve and support our community's needs at every stage.

In both sides of her role, Tiffany is committed to helping individuals prepare for meaningful futures, guided by a spirit of service and faith.