Retirement Planning Calculators

There are plenty of things to think about when considering how ready you might be for retirement. However, they all boil down to three basic concepts:

  1. Time Remaining
  2. Amount Invested
  3. Rate of Return

We know that the practical elements of retirement planning comes down to a function of these three things. We invite you to think about these issues for yourself and take advantage of our retirement savings calculator.

For additional retirement calculators, visit the FINRA site.



 Evaluating Retirement Rate of Return

Perhaps you already have some investments and aren’t sure what your rate of return is, you can use the following rate of return calculator.

Maybe you haven’t yet sold the investments (whether they are stocks, funds, or otherwise), but that’s okay, just put today’s date into the “date sold.“

 Free Retirement Budget Spreadsheet!

Are you one of those do-it-yourselfers? Do you like manipulating budgeting spreadsheets? Well, the team at Spreadsheet123® has produced some retirement budget spreadsheet templates that you can use as a starting point. Calculate your ongoing retirement readiness:


EXCEL 2003(XP)
File: XLS


EXCEL 2007 +
File: XLSX




What’s better than a retirement calculator?

A human retirement calculator. While retirement calculators and spreadsheets can be helpful in providing a general picture of your retirement readiness, nothing compares to a financial advisor. We always recommend that you discuss your financial future with one of our financial advisors, before taking action. They specialize in creating custom strategies that fit your needs and circumstances.

Click the link below to schedule an online/phone meeting with a licensed advisor:



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