Asian Access 2017 Plan Enhancements


Overview of
Plan Improvements

Expense Reductions

Envoy is pleased to announce some exciting updates and adjustments to plan expenses. Please see the links to the side to learn about these specific changes.

New Investment Choice Analyzer

With investment selection being one of the top challenges for your employees, we are excited to announce a brand new, state of the art Investment Choice Analyzer™. This analyzer will help your employees choose the appropriate investments.

New Risk-Based PLUS Models

The Risk-Based Plus Models expand the number of elements taken into consideration. Adding these elements results in a more comprehensive and comfortable investment selection. This investment approach starts with the individual’s risk level and adds their age, time to retirement, and their 2 Money Personalities™. The initial risk assessment is then modified by these additional elements.

New Participant Enrollment Tool

Enrollment is even easier and faster. There are now 3 levels of user-friendly enrollment assistance:

  1. CHOOSE FOR ME – for the complete novice
  2. HELP ME CHOOSE – using the Investment Choice Analyzer™
  3. I WILL CHOOSE – for the more experienced investor

New Annual Review Tool

The Annual Review tool both engages your employee in the reality of their financial preparedness and clearly shows them the long-term result of different choices available to them. In addition, it reminds them of what is true, updates their financial condition, and again allows for readjustment or realignment of their savings options.

Education Program Expense Updates

Education expenses are now based on the number of employees you have in order to make it affordable for everyone. This is a plan expense; consequently, your organization will be billed quarterly.


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