2018 Updates


2018 Retirement Plan Updates

Envoy is continually looking for ways to make improvements as part of our focus on “Better Retirement Plans Outcomes that Make a Difference.”


NEW IRS Plan Documents

Envoy’s new Plan Document ensures that your ministry has complied with the applicable DOL and IRS Code. Envoy was among the first group of Plan Document Sponsors to receive a Favorable Opinion Letter from the IRS, which can reduce your risk of being audited when filing IRS Form 5500 each year. Follow the links below for more information:

Revised Service Agreements

Recently, Envoy TPA / Recordkeeping and Envoy Advisory reduced their retirement plan related fees. The new fees associated with your organization’s retirement plan are reflected in these restated service agreements. In addition, Envoy has revised these service agreements to further clarify roles, responsibilities, and language.

Updated Recordkeeping Expense Schedule

Envoy’s is pleased to offer a new fixed-fee recordkeeping pricing schedule that makes it easier for employers to carry recordkeeping expenses on behalf of participants to help produce better retirement outcomes for their staff. 


You will receive an email with a link to easily review and sign your new plan documents online. As always, Envoy’s service team will available to answer any questions you have.