New Insights into Retirement for Everyone


When we become a believer we are a new and transformed person connected to our Supreme Being in a never before experienced manner.  However, this is just the first step in a lifelong journey to meaning, purpose and fulfillment.  That “rest of our life” involves work, commitment and effort to experience that meaning, purpose and fulfillment in the abundant life He offers.

 In other words, we must be engaged and committed; persevering and dedicated in order to grow spiritually and as a consequence to receive all God has for us during our lifetime – to the very end. However, we do have an active role in the process that includes more than just listening to a message from the pulpit  and drinking coffee afterwards… matter how enjoyable the coffee!

An Important part of the work includes retirement planning; Future Funded Ministry Planning.

In wrestling with new ways to communicate of both the “why” and the “how” of retirement planning through the compelling insights of being Faithful for a Lifetime and Future Funded Ministry, we are trying to also convey the how’s of investing well and of managing a retirement plan. While these seem to be simple ideas they are apparently hard to grasp and implement for many.  

Enrolling in a retirement plan can be compared to that initial step in our own personal spiritual journey; the conversion towards a new belief. But this initial step is just that – the start of your journey, not the end of it. And unfortunately, just as in the spiritual journey of so many, not much happens after this critical point. Enrolling in the Future Funded Ministry propels you down the path of your financial goals but you cannot stop there – we want you to engage!  

We also acknowledge that many either delay or will not even take that first step on the funding journey.  And yes, it is just the first step in engaging with the process that will then produce the life changing results that will then allow us to be Faithful for a Lifetime – being free to listen to what the Holy Spirit deposits in our heads, prompts in our hearts and strengthens our hands to perform.

The honor and privilege is that all who follow Jesus are called to be the heads, hearts and hands to build the kingdom. This is a wonderful, albeit awesome responsibility. And we can carry out that responsibility by being prepared and part of that preparation is to realize that the flexibility to respond to God’s call comes when the funding has been planned.


A friend describes money as time in foldable form.  Pretty insightful don’t you think?  And for the believer time is ministry, impacting others, in motion. Pretty cool way to think, would you agree?

When we dig a little deeper into the retirement plan idea of the Future Funded Ministry, we see that being eligible for a plan is a gift from your employer, church, or ministry.  However, engagement is a decision.…..your decision!  Pretty important don’t you think? The whole idea starts in the mind and moves to the heart prompting enrollment within the plan and then to the engagement with your financial future! Mind, Heart and Funding are intertwined components that go together.

Hopefully, you too are being prompted to think about both your spiritual journey and the funding mechanism that moves right alongside of it. As you have a few moments for reflection, let the Spirit of God guide those thoughts and prompt the actions that it suggests.

If you have story to share about your journey from heart to mind, we’d love to hear it!

As we journey together for a lifetime of faithful, rewarding and joyous ministry…

Bruce Bruinsma

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