Advice for the future


I spent a lot of hours on airplanes in the last few weeks.

The coffee plantation is doing well and the Dordogne area of southern France is superb. Read a thought provoking book entitled: 2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America. Albert Brooks projects a challenging world, a scary world, in the not too distant future. Under his assumptions, the unintended results of curing cancer and unchecked borrowing by our government, changes our world. It is changed primarily because our country’s financial alternatives and decision making options become limited. We become victim to our own lack of foresight. The unintended consequences of sequentially bad decisions scared me about our earthly future.

It also made me think of issues even closer to today: The unintended consequences of not establishing a Future Funded Ministry Plan (both by an organization for it’s staff, and for each plan participant). Scary too. Scary because when each person gets to the point of changing their life style—because of age or other circumstance—and support funds are not there, choice is lost. “Going where You (God) want me to go” is then, not an option. “The unintended consequences of sequentially bad decisions” is scary indeed.

Let’s follow the logic: When choice is lost, the lowest common denominator wins. 

In most cases the controlling factor is money ... or more pointedly, the lack of resources. So, at least part of the answer is to set money aside now for that point in time when the paycheck stops or income is dramatically reduced. Experientially, we here at Envoy know the amount is about 10% of income. So how are you doing? How is your organization doing?

The next point is to make sure your plan is running well ... a smooth running automobile is an analogy that comes to mind.

The most recent “action item” in the tune up menu is to be clear about plan expenses. As a Plan Sponsor you should have received the plan expenses fee disclosure document from either Envoy or your current vendor. If you haven’t received it—in either case—give us a call, we can help. Not knowing also leads to unintended consequences.

Here is the key message of the day:

  • The future is controlled by the decisions you make along the way.
  • Once those decisions are made, future choice is either limited or expanded.
  • Read the book.
  • Make your plans.
  • Get help (Trusted Advice) so the plans will be good ones.
  • Know that God’s plans for you are "for good, and not for evil." So, pay attention ... your future depends in it!

Always good to be home.

Living with Trusted Advice together


What's in your future?

woman looking out window.jpg

I pulled into the Envoy parking lot and there it was - a 426 HP, bright orange, 2013, Camaro that existed in my friend’s dream. Now a reality! He confided in me a month or so earlier that he’d finally convinced his wife that “they” should have the car of his dreams. How much fun is that?

Interestingly, parked beside it was another Chevrolet...60 years older. A 1953 rebuilt farm truck with 70 HP. Not only were they years apart but they went from functional to fantastic. It took me back to my college years selling new Chevrolets at Mahlon Maxton Chevrolet in Worthington, Ohio. It got me through college and a good part of graduate school. I guess it proves you do not have to be an expert to sell a lot of cars. How thankful we were!

Dreams and reality, function and fun, are all key parts of life.

The Chevy truck was built before most reading this blog were even born. So, think out a decade or more, what will you be driving? What will you be doing? Will you be active in your current ministry or vocation, or called to whole new activity? Will it be more like a 1953 Chevrolet Pick-up or a 2013 high-powered Camaro?

Whatever your future calling, it will certainly cost money. It will have a financial component.

My friend was so excited that he could afford to purchase his dream car. If he, they, could not have afforded it, the dream would exist, but with no reality in sight.

Being able to live a dream creates the foundation for another one. Experiencing the dream, seeing it come into full-throttled fruition is energizing. It also provides the fuel for a powerful future.

When we are open to God’s plan for our future, particularly after retirement, there are two action steps to take:

  1. Connect with His vision for your future and the dream he places in you.
  2. Prepare for it financially. We call this a Future Funded Ministry.

What would you put in your picture? Think about it…and be glad you’re not buying the gas.

Let me know your thoughts and comments. Our dialogue continues.

Living with Trusted Advice together