Are Your Legally Mandated Oversight Requirements Being Met?

A Retirement Plan Oversight Committee is a group of people that provide supervision, control, and administration for the organization’s retirement plan.

It is a wise and effective way to help ensure that the legally mandated oversight requirements for the plan are being met.

The new IRS 403(b) regulations have radically changed how employers must interact with the retirement plan they offer to their employees. With the changing regulatory landscape, Plan Sponsors now have the responsibility to both provide oversight and to be actively engaged in the plan’s operation and delivery.

Wise oversight of your plan will result in three main benefits:

1. Effectiveness

  • The Committee works towards producing a greater rate of return on the monies and effort invested by the organization in the plan.

  • The Committee increases consistency and continuity of messaging resulting in better understanding and appreciation of the plan.

  • The Committee establishes measurements of effectiveness for evaluation and improvement to the plan.

2.  Efficiency

  • The formal process, consistently conducted, becomes a powerful way to increase programmatic value and reduce time and effort.

  • The systematic process focuses on review, evaluation, and change.

  • Communication is maximized between the Plan Administrator, Committee, and Plan Provider that enhances the efficiency of plan operations and helps ensure all available services are known and utilized.

3. Impact

  • The Committee demonstrates that you care about the plan and participants (including the investments, education, and participation).

  • The Committee’s composition brings a variety of points of view to the process so the average participant, not just the experienced or knowledgeable participant, is represented.

  • The Committee’s review process reveals broader organizational issues to the organization’s leadership.

The activation and consistent operation of a Retirement Plan Oversight Committee concretely demonstrates your commitment to both oversight and engagement.

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